Japan Cosmetic Center pursues the following activities in accordance with its founding purpose and philosophy

2014 to 2016 basic policies

Expanding international transactions

​Promoting export and import, contract manufacturing, and sales relationships with French companies in a way that draws on its partnership with the Cosmetic Valley in France
Carrying out business development for raw material and products in Asian markets

Utilizing regional resources

Commercializing raw materials and retail products that draw on locally produced materials
Developing local capability for producing specific raw materials
Developing competitive raw materials through partnerships with industry and academia

Putting in place an environment conducive to cosmetics development

Developing regional facilities for information dissemination and economic exchange
Developing structures to facilitate applied research and development through partnerships with industry and academia
Implementing human resources development structures that are specialized for the cosmetics industry

Attracting businesses in related industries

Pursuing partnerships with projects undertaken by entities such as the national government and developing regionally-led growth strategies
Facilitating the establishment of facilities and investment of funds in the region by the domestic and overseas cosmetics industry
Attracting knowledge, information, and human resources

Business Plan for Fiscal 2016

1. International Transactions Expansion Business

Overseas Cluster Organization Affiliated Business

Promotion of deepening and expanding partnerships with overseas clusters that will be the foundation for international commerce.
  • Exhibit at international trade shows
    • Exhibit at CV sponsored “COSMETIC360”
  • Overseas companies coming to Japan for business meetings
    • Hold business meetings with partner clusters in Japan
  • Promotion of cooperation with cluster organizations
    • Promote and deepen cooperation with EU and Asian cluster countries, etc.

Overseas Sales Channels Development Business

Establish negotiation and trade routes with Asian markets, etc. promote export, etc., of JCC member company's cosmetics and raw materials
  • Support overseas sales channels development
    • Development of sales channels through wholesale and cooperation with local businesses, etc.
  • Support development of export products
    • Test marketing, etc. at overseas markets
  • Research business of overseas markets, etc.

Matching Site Business

Use of website to speed up overseas business matching utilizing websites
  • Operation of matching site

Regional Resource Utilization Business

Commercialization Model Business

Implement model business of each type with members for the abstraction and establishment of case creation and methodology of regional resource utilization business.
Continue 10 cases (including follow up of assisted businesses), creation of 15 new cases
  • Type A: Product development, brand development
  • Type B: Raw materials trade, test cultivation, contract farming
  • Type C: Raw materials processing, 6 dimension business transformation
  • Type D: Market development, export sales, alliance development

Commercialization Subsidy Business

Support new product development utilizing regional resources by members for the abstraction and establishment of case creation and methodology.
  • General subsidy business
    • Subsidy for new product development using Saga prefecture raw materials
    • Subsidy ratio 2/3 (upper limit 500,000 yen), about 6 adoptions
  • Industry-university cooperation fostering business
    • Subsidy for new product development including research and development with universities
    • Subsidy ratio 2/3 (upper limit 1.5 million yen), about 2 adoptions

Raw Materials Development Business

Discover and develop cosmetic raw materials from local production materials
  • Operation of cosmetics development office
  • Evaluation tests, etc.

3. Cosmetics Environment Consolidation Business

Industry-University Cooperation Promotion Business

Promotion of industry-university cooperation business with member universities in order to make local area integrated area for knowledge relating to cosmetics.
  • Support academic society for alternatives to animal experiments
    • Support holding of Asian Congress in Karatsu
  • University seeds seminar
    • Member university seeds announcement and exchange meeting 3 times

Personnel Development Promotion Business

Perform basic research to prepare local area for cosmetic industry human resource training function for the purpose of functional enhancement as cosmetics industry integrated area.
  • Educational system preparation concept investigation
    • Preparation possibility investigation for cosmetics graduate school, etc.

Business Support Business

Preparation of system for sessions and consultations to support member businesses.
  • Hold sessions (3 times assumed)
  • Entrepreneurship establishment support system preparation
    • Preparation of consultation support system in cooperation of relevant organizations

Information Transmission Business

  • Transmission of information regarding activates of this association
  • Exhibition in tradeshows, operation of home pages, creation of pamphlets, creation of novelties, advertising, etc.

Certification System Business (Profit Business)

  • Carry out investigation and examination of certification system for the purpose of construction of profitable businesses for this association’s activities financial resource.
  • Investigation and examination of certification system

4. Related Industry Cluster Business

Related Industry Cluster Promotion Business

Achieve location attraction and investment promotion of businesses domestically and overseas companies to achieve the Cluster of beauty and health related businesses.
  • Business attraction activities in cooperation with relevant prefecture, city, town governments
  • Business support for companies making inroads

5. Specialized Personnel Posting

Specialized Personnel Posting

Posting of specialized personnel to effectively and efficiently carry out this association's activities.
  • Posting of specialized personnel
    • Project manager ,1 person
    • Coordinators, 5 persons ※Additional posting of industry-university coordinator
  • Activities of specialized personnel
    • Investigation, business activities, etc. from company visitations
  • Posting of supervisor
    • Cosmetics industry related, international trade related, industry-university related

6. Overseas Cosmetics Business Investment Promotion Business

Overseas Cosmetics Business Investment Promotion Business

Implement investment attraction activities for Karatsu by overseas cosmetics related companies mainly in Europe through outsourcing from Karatsu city.
  • Follow up of investment promising companies investigated by the city in 2015
  • Investigation and development of new promising companies and visitation sales to promising companies
  • Visit and invite companies that have strong inclination for investment, etc.